30 november – 27 january 2018

Fried Contemporary is proud to present our annual exhibition curated by Shenaz Mahomed opening Thursday 30 November from 6pm-8pm.


‘Young Collectors III’ curated by Shenaz Mahomed is an annual group show that focuses on bringing together a mix of established and emerging artists who produce contemporary artworks across a variety of mediums that fit a budget of a young collector.

According to art consultant Alan Bamberger (2016), “Regardless of how you view your collecting, whether serious or recreational, there are techniques you can use to maximize not only the quality and value of your art, but also your own personal enjoyment, appreciation and understanding of that art. Step one is being true to your tastes. This means acknowledging that you like certain types of art regardless of what you think you’re supposed to like or what seems to be the current rage.”

He further states that, “In any mature collection, the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts, the collector comes to be accepted as a respected authority and in exceptional cases, goes on to set the standards, determine tastes, trends and influence the future of collecting for all (Bamberger 2016).”

For Mahomed, these ideas of curating a collection should not be limited to only those who can afford high-end art. This is why the premise for Young Collectors remains to encourage a buying culture amongst everyone.

Shenaz Mahomed (2017).

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Artists in the exhibition include:

Alison Jean Shaw | Johan Stegmann | Lala Crafford | Natalie Fossey
Neil Nieuwoudt | Nina Torr | Odette Graskie | Peter Claassens
Seretse Moletsane | Setlamorago Mashilo | Tatenda Chidora | Wayne Matthews