31 august – 07 october 2017

Fried Contemporary is proud to present an exhibition by Prof. Raimi Gbadamosi opening Thursday 31 August from 6pm-8pm.


Raimi Gbadamosi

A negotiation has been described as a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement, or the action or process of transferring legal ownership. The dynamics of a negotiation requires the existence of different perspectives in order for a negotiation to begin, continue, sustain itself, and reach conclusion or resolution.

Conclusion and resolution are not the same thing in this instance, the negotiating parties have to accept the possibility of not getting what they want when they proceed with talks, and not knowing what the other party wants. It is this lack of awareness of what the other party truly wants or needs out of the negotiation, apart from what they state openly, which brings about contention inherent in negotiations.

The powerful prefer negotiations. They have time on their hands, have more to give, less to lose, and what they do give, will come from an excess of whatever capital is being discussed. Dispassion born of plenty is a benefit when negotiating, the resources to gather intelligence is crucial, to have an expert is paramount.

A Negotiation deals with the continuing and increasing difficulties in the possibility of negotiations for a fair settlement for most people in this polarised setting: where power is only willing to concede what it has to, to remain in power, in the face of social, economic, and political injustice.

©Raimi Gbadamosi August 2017

©RGb 2017

Raimi Gbadamosi is an artist, writer and curator. He received his Doctorate (2001) in Fine Art from the Slade School of Fine Art, London. He is a member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group ‘Afroeuropeans’, University of Leon, Spain, and the ‘Black Body’ group, Goldsmiths College, London. He is on the Editorial board of Journal of African Studies, Open Arts Journal and SAVVY, and on the boards of Elastic Residence, London and Relational, Bristol.

Recent national and international shows and events include: Cemetery, Johannesburg Art Gallery, South Africa, 2014/2015; Banquet, South Hill Park Bracknell, United Kingdom, 2011; Exchange Mechanism, Belfast Exposed, Northern Ireland, 2010; Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Galleri Garaget Sweden, 2009; Solo, CAF, Alexandria, Egypt, 2009; ARCO Madrid 2009; Tentativa De Agotar Un Lugar Africano, CASM, Barcelona 2008; Human Cargo, Plymouth Museum & Art Gallery, Plymouth 2007; Port City, Arnolfini, Bristol 2007. ARCO 2009, Madrid/. Work media including multiples, music, websites, writing and audience participation. Works creates debate, instead of representing preconceived concerns defined by specific social, cultural and political cant.


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