06 april – 06 may 2017

Fried Contemporary is pleased to present an exhibition curated by the Found Collective opening Thursday 06 April from 6pm-8pm.


 Progeny ’17  FCxFC

(Fried Contemporary with Found Collective)

This year’s showcase of South Africa’s bright young things is curated in collaboration with the recently established Found Collective. Found Collective is a community for Pretoria creatives that seek to elevate and challenge perceptions of art and its role in the Capital City. Found Collective is run by artists who have a personal stake in the growth of the creative community in Pretoria. It operates without a profit motive, and invests its resources solely in its members. Artists are encouraged to produce work by being provided with studio space, materials and opportunities to show their work, while being spurred on to greater heights by their contemporaries who are working alongside them.

For Progeny ’17, the curators of Found Collective have placed great emphasis on discovering and displaying the work of recent graduates from Pretoria’s many universities, on explorations into new media, and on unusual expressions of existing materials and techniques.

The prominence of video and photographic works on the show reflect this generation’s immersion in the digital realm, and an awareness of issues connected to this, while also subtly picking up on the concerns of the current generation of South Africans about cultural identity in relation to global problems. The paintings and sculptures on display show skilful manipulations of the media to communicate quiet emotions and everyday experiences to the viewer.

The show is a must-see for anyone interested in what trends are developing in contemporary South African art and for collectors who are on the lookout for well-priced and exceptional new additions for their homes and offices. Participating artists include:


Allen Laing | Brendon Erasmus | Cara du Plessis | Elbie Erasmus

Franli Meintjies | Goitseone Moerane | Marion Nowak

Nico Lloyd van Schalkwyk | Tatenda Chidora


Digital Catalogue PDF

Interview Podcast (by Christelle Webb-Joubert published by RSG)