02 november – 25 november 2017

Fried Contemporary is proud to present an exhibition curated by Kalashnikovv opening Thursday 02 November from 6pm-8pm.


The very nature of art questions the status quo. It gives voice to those who cannot speak. It is a platform for those who are not heard or seen.

Kalashnikovv is a contemporary fine art gallery and project space which is dedicated to providing support to both emerging and established South African artists.

Kalashnikovv challenges the conventions of the art gallery in its manifestation, conduct, audience and motivation. Convention has made art a pastime of the elite. Kalashnikovv is a re-articulated exhibition space, orientated towards the deconstruction of the art–space.

This allows Kalashnikovv to be the first gallery to stop asking what art is, and rather answer where it can be found.

Selected artists:

Maaike Bakker
Craig Smith
Vusi Beauchamp
Maja Maljevic
Elizaveta Rukavishnikova
Andrew kayser
Minenkulu Ngoyi
MJ Turpin
Io Makandal
Jason Bronkhorst
Nathan Vuuren
Izaac Zavale
Felix Laband
Jake Singer
Jana Hamman

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