Hans Wilschut: ‘Early Morning Observations’

21 January – 5 March 2016

Fried Contemporary is very proud to announce a new exhibition of these spontaneous works by Hans Wilschut in the Collector’s Room. The exhibition will open on Thursday 21 January 2016 from 18:00 – 20:00 and conclude on Saturday 5 March 2016 @ 2pm.

About the Artist

Hans Wilschut (b. 1966)

The fundamental and imaginary research of Hans Wilschut shifts within the network of urbanisation. In a globalizing world where by now half the world’s population has moved to cities, Wilschut assumes a personal position with monumental photographic works. In doing so, he avoids univocal statements or moral perspectives. His work is situated in an area between critical research and poetic freedom. Wilschut sees his photographic work as urban still lives which attribute a place to stories about urbanisation and his own position within it. In the digital era, where visual culture has never before been consumed as avidly and fleetingly, Wilschut with his large scale photography slows down, questions, derails and highlights the act of viewing and consuming visual imagery.

Four years ago Wilschut started an online project ‘Early Morning Observations’ on Facebook and Twitter. For this ongoing project he posts an image a day at a certain frequency. The images are taken with an iphone in the morning and posted instantly online. The photographs give the viewer an inside view of the visual research of the artist during his trips abroad or at home. Some of the ‘Early Morning Observations’ can be regarded as studies for actual large scale photo works whereas others are playful and often poetic responses to his surroundings.

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