Carmen Ford, Dear Mr President series, 2016

Carmen Ford, Dear Mr President series, 2016

YOUNG COLLECTORS II | curated by Shenaz Mahomed

5 november 2016 – 4 february 2017

fried contemporary is proud to present an annual exhibition of emerging artists curated by Shenaz Mahomed



participating artists:

Allen Laing | Bev Butkow | Bianca Brand | Carmen Ford | Dalene Victor Meyer | Jayna Mistry | Jayne Crawshay-Hall

Lelani Nicolaisen | Maaike Bakker | Shenaz Mahomed | Sotiris Moldovanos | Usha Seejarim


The real value of buying and collecting art comes from the enjoyment of having a great piece in your home.   – Erling Kagge, 2016

The Collector’s Room is pleased to present its annual group exhibition titled: ‘Young Collectors II’ curated by Shenaz Mahomed. As an annual exhibition the premise remains to encourage a buying culture amongst young collectors. Will Ramsay, founder of Affordable Art Fair, claims that you don’t have to be an expert to be able to enjoy, own, and appreciate original contemporary art (Moriarty, 2016). He goes on to say that one of the biggest myths in the art world is that art collectors are outstandingly wealthy (Moriarty, 2016). For this exhibition, Mahomed’s curatorial premise focuses on those individuals, institutions or other businesses who might have always wanted to start an art collection.

Young people are becoming avid art collectors and are able to appreciate and recognize even the lesser known artists, not only old masters (Moriarty, 2016). In addition, the artists themselves are known for their astounding collections, which only further promotes this concept among people who have not been in the collector’s world for fried contemporary is proud to present an annual exhibition curated by Shenaz Mahomed a long time (Moriarty, 2016).

Mahomed says about the exhibition: ‘The show is carefully curated selecting artists who appeal to different tastes and style. The works are reasonably priced ranging in medium and theme. These are new works by contemporary artists, together portraying a fresh showcase of collectable work in the art world today. There will be something for everyone.”

The exhibition showcases a selection of established as well as younger up-and- coming talent. Artists in the exhibition include:

Allen Laing, Bev Butkow, Bianca Brand, Carmen Ford, Dalene Victor Meyer, Jayna Mistry, Jayne Crawshay-Hall, Lelani Nicolaisen, Maaike Bakker, Shenaz Mahomed, Sotiris Moldovanos, Usha Seejarim.