Artist statement

I’m interested in how the alchemy of information and ideas manifest. How they are presented and interconnected. Based on our own experiences how we process them and then pass them on. Ideas or qualities are streaming all around us in the ether, call it the noise, and from this noise we latch onto certain things or they latch onto us. I’m interested in how the same images can be presented and the outcome can be so different. In what is universal or timeless( the heart) and how an image can be manipulated from its original meaning to suit the propaganda of a certain culture or society( skull and crossbones).

Why certain information/images spread like viruses and others remain dormant waiting for the right circumstances to flourish. “ – Norman O’ Flynn. To date Norman has held 9 solo exhibitions in Africa and participated in numerous group shows nationally and internationally. His work is widely sought after and hangs in private, corporate and museums collections around the world.


Artworks from the exhibition

‘The Space Between / The Noise Behind:’ Liza Grobler and Norman O’Flynn

thu 25 feb – sat 26 mar 2016 | Rooms 1 & 2

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