The gallery is very excited and extremely proud to announce a solo exhibition by Andreas Schönfeldt.

Probably one of the best-kept secrets and undiscovered treasures of Pretoria’s conceptual artists, Andreas Schönfeldt works mostly in the mediums of printmaking and video installation.

For this show, he has incorporated found materials as a medium and source material. Different surfaces create exquisite textures in his prints. He mostly reworks these surface prints, by either printing other surfaces, or parts of surfaces over it, or by layering the actual found object as a focal point on the print.

He was a printmaking lecturer at the TUT for the most part of his artistic career, and found great inspiration from teaching students. He says: “I used to create installations in my classroom, so that students would have to ask me questions about what it was, what it meant”.

As a printmaker, he has been greatly inspired by greats such as Antoni Tapies, Jasper Johns and Dieter Roth.

We look forward to welcoming our patrons to the opening on Thursday 9 July from 18:00 – 20:00.