31 august – 23 september 2017

Fried Contemporary is proud to present an exhibition curated by No End Contemporary opening Thursday 31 August from 6pm-8pm.

All the voices / EDIT I

No End x Fried

All the voices / EDIT I serves as an overview of all past exhibitions curated at NO END up to date. The exhibition, in terms of the installation and featured artists, sets out to capture a mega-presentation, a re(anti)curation of the NO END voice. The exhibition captures a glimpse of all NO END exhibitions thus far, prompting a brief re-visitation of past selections and capturing a current presentation of established relationships with various artists. All the voices, as the title implies, aims to be a loud, self-reflexive review of NO END and its evolving vision and sets out to present an exhibition that (to an extent) has served in curating itself.